Tuesday, May 1

Apparently no wizarding cloak is complete without a purse to hold magical things. We now have a smiling girl.

(Ya know that commercial for some sort of vacation where the teenager smiles on the jet ski. And when she sees her mom notice her smiling they say, "...and it's gone in a flash!" as the smiles turns to an evil glare. Yeah, I live with that.)

Who knew that my inability to part with the junk beads that come with a "grab bag" assortment would come in handy? I had no idea I was hoarding rare faceted drops of dragon's blood and unicorn's tears. They've now been made into a detachable amulet. And the hematite key? I've been told it has the power to unlock all doors. And the pink and gold bird bead that had no hole gives the bearer the ability to fly.

Who knew? :-)

Hopefully this young wizard has it in her to cast a spell of protection. A big storm is passing through. The sky is black and it's only 5:30pm.


Becka said...

I would like to order one bird please. I have always wanted to fly.

Lisa said...

twelve is such a hard age, I remember being in the state of hormonal unhappiness for about two years! It's such an awkward time between childhood and adolesence. Great bag though!

danielle roothooft said...

I love the way you share your patterns, Thank you(: