Wednesday, May 9

So sweet it'll give ya a cavity!

I finally got around to doing something with that bit of embroidery I did for the tutorial. It wasn't very big so a sachet seemed like the obvious choice. I got a little carried away so it's a bit too fancy maybe. Too sweet and frou-frou! But the curled organza ribbon tacked in place by teensy knot-flowers got me thinking on things like making things for my children's weddings or christening gowns for grandchildren. Someday. It's quite a ways off, I hope. But I'm going to have so much fun being a granny. :-)

And speaking of preciousness and super sweetness- Remember that baby quilt I made? Well, here's the baby it belongs to modelling it's usefulness. Isn't he beyond adorable?! You just forget that people start out so small, ya know? He's the most easy going baby ever. Happy to just be held. Even my husband commented (several times...which only helps to fuel my babylust!) on how precious he is!


Sarah and Jack said...

Oh man, you weren't kidding about the sweetness of that baby!

Bettsi said...

What a cutie! He looks so handsome in his beautiful quilt. I get baby hunger too, but I got myself fixed so I wouldn't get myself into further trouble! I do love babies. *sigh*

Lisa said...

so sweet!

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Dannielle, I love your sachet ! It is wonderful, I have just started a list of things I want to make for Christmas presents this sachet would be a great add on to the list!
Now this baby!! Is totally precious. He looks like a Angel for sure!

Sabine said...

I have tagged you, after your nice comment.
Go check it out at my blog for details!

Melissa R. Garrett said...

Oh my goodness! I forget just how small and precious babies are! Bridget, who will be two in July, started out as a tiny peanut (not even six pounds)and it seems ages ago that she was a wee one like that. CUTE!

And, GREAT job on all your quilts! You are so talented :-)