Tuesday, May 22


I finished this little quilt (18" square) last night. I got a little carried away and embroidered some vines and flowers in all the peachy triangles. It's listed for sale in my Etsy shop.

Only four more to finish! (What was I thinking making five little quilt tops at once!?!)

I just love looking at the backs of quilts. As I'm quilting I stop to peek at the back every so often so I can watch it grow.

I also made this teeny tea cozy over the weekend. It has a little pot just like the one on top of the teacup underneath it.

Oh, I wanted to mention... I created a Flickr group for showing what you've sewn using any of those patterns or tutorials over <----there (in my sidebar). Please, someone, add a picture so I don't feel like a pathetic dufus that no one will play with.

Also, if you haven't put your name in the hat yet there is still time (4 more days!) to sign up for the Cottage Charm Giveaway. Eighty-seven names in the hat so far! Exciting!

I plan to redo the skirt tutorial very soon. I did that with my old camera and it's not very clear. I can do better. :-)

I spent a little too much time doing quilty things the past few days. Housework beckons...


Bettsi McComb said...

Did you embroider on that quilt, Dannielle? It looks great! BTW, I got my goodies! Holy Smokes, Woman! I cannot believe you gave me the bluebird of happiness! How did you know how much I loved it? I'll be posting it on my blog tomorrow. The earrings are awesome too! What a bargain! You da bomb!

Tiarnna said...

As soon as school is over for the quarter, I am going to pick a tutorial and go with it! Promise!! Then I'll add a pic. And you can bet, if the skirt one is up, that'll be the one I choose. I get done 2 weeks from yesterday.......so hurry. ;)