Saturday, September 27

So, what do you think?

I've been asked to make bendy dolls with faces a few times recently. I've made them without faces for so long for the whole Waldorfy reason of leaving them open to the child's imagination. I really like that idea-that the child can imagine any sort of expression they'd like for the doll rather than the constant frozen smile.

But, the faces are growing on me. So much so that I'm thinking about offering dolls with faces in my shop along with their faceless counterparts. But I'm hesitant because I've only offered one option for so long. Maybe there isn't any interest in dolls with faces.

A poll seems like the way to go here. :) Thanks for your input! VoteWould you like to see bendy dolls with painted faces in my shop?
Yes, I'd be interested in dolls with faces
No, I prefer dolls without painted faces

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Tinsie said...

Hmmm not sure I'd ever buy a doll *without* a face. I'd find it too disturbing!

Anonymous said...

I actually like them both....