Wednesday, November 28


I've got a scathingly brilliant idea! (Can anyone guess which of my favorite movies that line is from? Hint: It's from 1966.)

Ok, I'll start at the beginning. It's a little pouty and pathetic at the beginning but it get's better. So stick with me.

Remember this flickr group I began way back when I first started putting patterns and tutorials on my blog? Well, only dear dear Bettsi came to play with me. And I get a little sad about it every once in a while because there's nothing I love more than a crafty party. And if it weren't for Bettsi it would be my 14th birthday party all over again (that's the one that no one showed up for).

Do you hear the violins playing their melancholy tune? Good. Then the stage is set for the good part.

A giveaway!!! (I just sort of blurted that out, huh? Perhaps I didn't need so much build up if I was going to do that!)

The rules: If you use one of those patterns or tutorials over there in the left sidebar between now and Christmas and share a picture at the flickr group, you're name will go in the hat. Don't forget the .pdf patterns. They count too! And feel free to modify them to your needs. It's all good!

I don't know what the prize will be, but it'll be good. OOOH!!!! (yes, I stopped typing to flap my hands in that happy-excited sort of way!) I do know what it will be!!! And it is good!!! But let me make it first, then I'll show you. I'll give a hint though: it's quilty!

I'll be completely honest, too. Pouting about how no one (except for Bettsi!) would come play with me wasn't really what inspired this idea. Actually it came to mind because Christmas is on a strict budget here this year. And I know it is for lots of other people too. We're planning lots of handmade gifts. And I was thinking that perhaps those patterns and tutorials might prove handy for the holidays. Especially since I'm always happy to help if you get a little stuck along the way!

So get to crafting! And then come show me!!!! The drawing will be on New Year's Day (since that's always such a boring, do-nothing day.)

Oh, and if you have already made something and would like to share a picture that counts too. Everyone's invited to the party.


Leah S said...

Soooo... can I do the strawberry quilt tutorial on Flickr and would that count? Cuz it's not on the sidebar list. And are we allowed to modify the size? Like making the strawberry quilt bigger?

P.S. Love your glasses picture - you're looking so much more... sleeker? from your weight loss. :) And I really appreciate the $8 site! Next time I need to update my prescription for contacts, I'll ask them to add the paperwork for glasses too.

Journeying said...

Parent Trap!!!
My daughter and I reserve "scathingly brilliant" for each other's occasional flashes of inspiration and very, very rarely for someone else's. I KNOW the movie!!!
And you have probably had one! I need to do a baby quilt and use the little birds like you did . . . and try your method of doing the embroidery AFTER it's pieced and has batting . . .the shower is Dec 8 - think I'll make it? nah, probly not....but it's such a good thought....
And leah is right - you look plumb skinny!

Dannielle said...

Nope, not Parent Trap. Very, *very* close. And probably so close that they'd take that answer on Jeopardy. But Parent Trap was 1961 so it doesn't match my hint.

Devin said...
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Devin said...

I deleted my previous comment since I found my answer. Anyhoo...I posted what I made using the bendy tutorial. They are not that fantastic since I am not overly crafty but I like how they came out.


Devin said...
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Appleby said...

what a great idea, I have had the tea cozy cut out for a week or more now, just haven't had time to sew it yet!!! This will encourage me to get on with it!!!

Stevie K said...

Oooh I might have to print off some of these patterns (of course I first must buy black ink ha). I think my MamMaw would love a garland. I've been wanting to make a bendy doll, but yikes! Thanks for the challenge!

Nan said...

Trouble with Angels.

Dannielle said...

ding ding ding!

That's it! :)

Dawn said...

I finally made some cute little bendy elfs! I have posted them on the Flickr group! thank ou for the fun challenge