Saturday, March 1

Blog Break Over

I know I never officially announced a "blog break" (I never officially planned one, to be honest) but it seems one has occurred. And it's over. Officially.

It's just been so very "February" here lately. Projects that I meant to complete quickly were dragging on. I have been very stuck in the kitchen. We've been eating well but I'm so very over dishes. Cleaning the kitchen just isn't fun anymore (Was it ever?).

This, my friends, is the "dragging on project" I spoke of. Well, one of a few. But certainly the worst offender.

It will be available soon at Collage. It's part of a collaboration I've done with a marvelous painter. And there will be other Peter Rabbit themed items too. I'll let you know when it's happening when I know.

I used two layers of cotton batting inside the quilt and I love how squishy it turned out. Check out the back-

Oh! Any ya know what's really exciting? My new labels!!!

I promise to not be such a stranger. I know I've said that before...but I really mean it this time. Really. :-)


Storybook Woods said...

Yeah your back, we missed you. Beautiful quilt. Clarice

Suzy said...

Hi!, I just bought the princess and pony set. I am soooo excited to be the lucky one to own these! Well, they're actually for my daughter's 7th B-day. Thank you for making beautiful things. Can't wait to see what else is in the works.

Becka said...

You're back! You're back! You're back! OMgosh, I am so happy happy happy!

Tiarnna said...

Oh so pretty!!!!

Em said...

That quilt is really pretty! Did you hand quilt the whole thing? I like your labels too! I need to get some soon!!!

agnieha said...

Welcome to my thimble blog at :) Greetings from Poland.