Monday, October 6

Well, guess what?!

The poll has convinced me to start offering bendy dolls with faces as well as faceless dolls. I've been crazy busy working on a super giant order but I manage to eek out a few new dolls to add to the shop ( ), including some cuties with faces. More (both sorts) will be trickling in over the next couple of weeks but the trickle will be slow until I finish this order.

I've been working on my photography a bit too. I've been doing that boring stuff like reading the manual that came with my camera and trying to get a little more creative with my pictures. Photography is not my strong suit and I'm totally willing to admit it. But I also know that shopping online is just not the same as shopping when you get to handle the items. So I'm working on it. Do you notice any difference? Improvement?

Do you make this big of a mess when crafting? I am still dreaming of a crafting studio. I think I've mentioned that we have one in the works for me. It's part of our basement finishing project. Which is the most slowly progressing home improvement project ever! So until the time comes that I have a dedicated space in which to work, I make messes like this. All over the ottoman in the living room.

Hey, see that thread rack with all the little bundles of thread? That is the best idea ever! I don't remember on which brilliant crafter's blog I gleaned that lovely idea, but it's truly inspired!

I almost always stitch with 2 strands of embroidery floss. For the longest time those remaining 4 strands got cast aside until they banded together and formed this massive thread tangle. It was such a mangled mess that it wasn't useable. But it was also such a big ball that it was obviously a huge waste to just toss it in the trash. And then I saw the idea to use a thread rack.

So any leftover threads get quickly wrapped around two fingers and placed on the rack. When I'm stitching I look there first for the color I need. So if you are dealing with a tangled thread ball, I highly reccommend using a thread rack to store leftovers.


willywagtail said...

What an incredibly clever idea for the left over threads. Maybe I need something like this for my crochet wool - my friends just burst into uncontrolled laughter when they saw my tangle!! The close up of the bendy doll is good and makes me feel like I could hug it although I realise it is tiny. Cherrie

Tiarnna said...

Mess? I fail to see the mess in that. ;)

Wyldhare said...

You know, I voted for no face, but seeing them now, they are adorable with faces too, so can I change it?