Thursday, February 7

Did you think I had forgotten?

Yes, I'm referring to this. I haven't forgotten. I'm just still in *catch up* mode.

The prize is finished finally. In case you can't tell, it's a tablerunner (12.5" x 41").

I figured there was no sense in officially cutting off eligibility until the prize was finished, right? So, what's today? Thursday. I'll draw a name tomorrow evening (just in case there are some last minute Lucys who can sneak in under the wire). :-)

I also finished a couple small quilts for swaps. This one was for the Four Seasons Quilt Swap. The other- well, I forgot to take a picture in my hurry to get it in the mail. It's similar to the table runner though.

I have several sewing/craft projects in the works at the moment. There will be pictures soon, as I finish each project. Which will, hopefully, be very soon!


Angela said...

Pretty pretty. Very wintery shivery! Love the embroidery.

Tiarnna said...

Very nice!!!

And um....what is that THING brewing on your counter top?? And also, those fuzzy white slippers on your flicker pics....did you make them? soo cute!!

Scooter Sissy said...

Hey I just found you via your flickr photos for the tea cozy---nice pattern that I will be using for a swap gift...come by my blog in a couple of days and I should have a photo of it posted by then. Ta Ta for now!
P.S.----How do i get in the drawing for this cutie cutie tablerunner?!!!

Dannielle said...

To get in on the drawing just join this flickr group and post your photos :)

Sheree said...

The quilt is beautiful. I really like the "snowflake" design in the white squares! It is really lovely.