Monday, November 19

Nativity finished. Baking not finished.

Yesterday's baking day was going along fine and dandy until I ran out of eggs. Uh-oh. Someone dropped the ball on that. Yes, me.

Oh well, we got 5 loaves of bread, 2 pans of pumpkin bread, and the cranberry and banana bread I had already mentioned. Check the recipe category in my sidebar for those recipes. I followed the pumpkin bread recipe for the cranberry bread. I just substituted a can of whole berry cranberry sauce for the pumpkin.

We'll be doing some baking tonight too. Only this time it's going to be cheesecake and pumpkin pies. Mason is thrilled. Those are his two favorites. And they're soft e that his hanging-on-by-a-thread tooth won't even interfere with his enjoyment.

And I have plans to concoct a diet-friendly dessert for myself. I have some fat-free cream cheese, a package of sugar-free cheesecake-flavored pudding, and pumpkin. Hopefully it works. Because cheesecake and pumpkin pie are my favorites too.

The nativity set is finished and will be off in the mail today. If you're interested, there are more detailed pictures here.

Up next on the crafting agenda: mini bendy Hitty dolls and Christmas ensembles for the Annie twins.


Sarah and Jack said...

I used to make a really quick cheesecake like this:

one package of jello
One package of cream cheese
one container of whipped cream

Mix it all together and smack it into a ready made pie crust.

I think the pudding mix will work too, you just will probably need to add something like the whipped cream.

Thimbleanna said...

Man that bread picture is making me hungry. We need to start making bread again -- yours looks great!

beingmolded said...

I love the nativity. Will you be making any more to put in your shop or are thy specail orders?

The bread looks delicious too ;)

Storybook Woods said...

Oh your nativity is wonderful. Ha I made 8 loaves of bread yesterday, we are on the same page. Clarice

Dannielle said...

The nativity was a special order for a friend. At this time I don't have plans to make any for my store.

If I were to put it on my list, I'm afraid it would be mid-December by the time I got to it. Probably too late for this season.

I got a very late start on holiday business sewing this year. I will definitely do better next year. :)

Angela said...

These are amazing!!!!!!!!! I love them to pieces. You do such great work. And cannot wait to see what you are doing with Hitty as she is a good friend of mine. LOL

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful nativity set.


Anonymous said...

Trust me when I say that the pictures do not do the Nativity set justice. I need to get a special spotlight to make sure everyone who comes in the house goes to admire this. Thank you so much Dannielle!


weirdbunny said...

Oh you'd make a fortune from selling these Nativity sets. You must put them in your shop for next year ! ~ love Julia x