Wednesday, November 28

Just another Tuesday

"Another Tuesday" as in I'm finally getting to the stuff I'd planned to start on yesterday! But somebody had to do some housework around here. Turns out my middle name is Somebody.

Gearing up for a change of pace around projects ready to go!

Thought I'd share a few things I'm loving these days:

1. This sweet gingerbread house to decorate online. (Thanks, Jenny!!)

2. This amazingly beautiful dress makes my heart all fluttery! And, yes, I need the pantaloons too! I wish she had the pattern available NOW. But it's definitely good motivation for the diet as I'm not so sure it would be quite as adorable on my body as it is on her body.

3. New, blue glasses that are fun and were very, very affordable. Please pardon the bizarre expression on my face. Self portraiture is not one of my talents.


Sarah and Jack said...

Dannielle, you look freaking terrific! You've lost a lot of weight. I need to get on that myself....hmmm, got any brilliant ideas about dieting? LOL

Lisa said...

Wow, you look great and your glasses are nice. I currently am wearing a pair I've had so long I don't even recall when I bought them. I need a pair bad!! I love that dress too. I am barely 5'2 with squatty legs so I would never look willowy in that dress like the model.

Storybook Woods said...

Oh my gosh Dannielle what a doll you look in those fantastic glasses and you and I are going to have to duck it out over the dress and pantaloons. You know I have been thinking of making flannel petticoats to go under my cool, summer skits so I can still wear them. Love Clarice

Storybook Woods said...

I meant skirts, akkk. Clarice

Bettsi McComb said...

I LOVE the new glasses! Exactly the kind I would like to have. You are looking so very svelte, my friend!

Stevie K said...

You Look FABULOUS! I love the specs!!! I need a pair myself too.