Friday, November 23

In a nutshell...

Bendy set

Finished a Peter Pan bendy set for an order.

Caught a cold (bleck!).

Gotta go to the grocery store (bleck again!).

Working on Christmas Annie outfits.

Added more bendies (girls)to the shop.

Making some boys tonight.

Bead order has NOT arrived YET (grrrr!).

That is all.


aleinung said...

hi dannielle, sorry, you must translate my words :-))) my english isn't so god.

Deine kleinen Puppen sind sooooooo schön. Peter Pan und Glöckchen sind dir sehr gelungen. Ich drücke dir die Daumen, das du sie in gute Hände verkaufen kannst.

liebe grüße


Appleby said...

love the little girls............they are cute, as usual beautiful workmanship.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a cute bendy set!

I'm going to try and make some soon.


Renee said...

Love the purple and red princess!