Thursday, November 8

Book Review!

It's been another busy week with not enough blog posting. But, again, so much has been accomplished around here. Including a bit of sickness. Which has, thankfully, passed.

I'd like to start by talking a little about a book we were invited to review, I Love You More by Laura Duksta.

I have to admit, I was hesitant that it would go over well with my almost 7 year old son, Mason. He's at that age, you know, where hugs and kisses are the ickiest things ever. A "snuggle up with momma" book...I wasn't sure it would be a hit.

However, he really liked it.

What's neat about this book is it's a flip book. One side is from the mother to her son. I read that side first and perhaps saw the slightest of eye rolls (combined with some snuggling though!) from my son.

Then I flipped it and read the side from the boy to his mother. This side was filled with boy-friendly imagery (caterpillars, rocket ships, frogs) and seemed to hit a soft spot in the heart of my little guy. He voluntarily hugged me when we finished. For a few moments I got my little snuggle-bug back.

Such a sweet book!

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Lizz said...

Oh that looks like a cute one!