Monday, November 19

Answering a question

I just wanted to answer a question left as a comment to my last post as I couldn't reply via email. I shouldn't have been so vague and I don't want to leave anyone wondering.

So the question was if I would be offering the nativity (or another) for sale in my shop.

My answer:

The nativity was a special order for a friend. At this time I don't have plans to make any for my store.

If I were to put it on my list, I'm afraid it would be mid-December by the time I got to it. Probably too late for this season.

I got a very late start on holiday business sewing this year. I will definitely do better next year. :)

And, just for fun...Are you a child of the 80's? I am!

You Are 92% A Child of the 80s

There's hardly a moment of the 80s that you missed out on.
Was there ever a better decade? As if!


z-silverlight said...

Yes, the 1950's. The last decade when people were civilized and thoughtful. And the clothes have not been matched since. Elegance and style. Maybe the first part of the 60's.

beingmolded said...

I was at 92% too!

Would you consider taking orders for ,gasp ;), next Christmas?