Thursday, November 8

More finishes

I finished this little quilt (15" square) the other day. The last of the autumn themed projects. Which makes me a little sad. Autumn is my favorite, you know.

I also whipped up this redwork heart using a free pattern from Angela at The Country Cellar. Thanks, Angela!!

Finally, I need to answer a couple questions left in the comments of my "Socks are not for feet" post (some people do not have "show my email" checked in their blogger profile...hint, hint...and cannot be replied to through email)

Yes, I have more sock dolls coming. :) I only have supplies enough for around 15 more or two of most sock options. So if you are hoping for something specific, please email me ( PrincessNimbleThimble AT gmail DOT com ) and let me know. I'll happily make what you need as long as I still have the supplies on hand.

As for bendy dolls: I'm working on some right now. So, same thing. Email me if you would like something specific. Or, if you prefer to choose from an assortment, there will be some available very soon. It will be in the next day or so. I'll definitely be posting here when they're available.

I've also got some business news beans to spill soon! Something exciting is brewing!!


Renee said...

I love the little autumn quilt, the stripey binding is too sweet! It's my favorite season too. Maybe because I look forward to donning the big sweaters and not worrying so much about my gut sticking out. ROFL.

Niki said...

Love your little quilt. Is it for sale??? I NEVER buy quilts, as I am a quilter, but I love this little guy :) OR we can swap quilts, just me and you. A mini doll swap?? huh huh?? lol ..Also, can't wait to hear the news that is brewing!

aleinung said...

Your little quilt is so beautiful and I love the heart. thank you for the link.