Sunday, January 7

Wow! I can't believe I went 6 whole days without blogging! I've been busy with fun stuff like organizing closets (to find homes for new Christmas toys) and crafty supplies.

I also had friends over a couple days this week. On Thursday my friend, Melissa, came over with her sewing machine so she could get started learning to sew. We both made table runners using the winter quilt squares I received in a swap. My table runner is shown here, sharing space with Mason's "moon sand".

Melissa did an amazing job with her first sewing projects. I can tell that before long her skills will far surpass mine. I'm a total rule breaker and already I can see that she's going to be a stickler for rules.

I stitched up this little kitten the other day. I've totally got embroidery on the brain lately. And I'm loving redwork. Embroidery goes soooo fast when I'm not constantly changing colors.

I got this design at
Needlecrafter (click library, then designs). I print them out and trace the design directly onto my fabric with a water soluble marker.

Since I've admitted to my book hoarding tendencies, I suppose I'll share my latest acquisitions. I just love paging through a good crafty book. I've been accumulating this pile of books over the past 6 weeks or so. But I've been so busy with holiday orders that I haven't done much more than peek at them.

I still haven't gotten to making any little sparkly winter houses or paperclay snowmen. Soon, though...very soon. :-)


littlejennywren said...

The doll and toy books look really interesting. I can't believe you could have them in your house and not spend every minute looking through them. Have a wonderful time with them when you get round to it.

Becka said...

How can you not look through a book as SOON as you get them? My books last 15 minutes at my house before I lock my kids in a closet while I curl up to read. (just kidding about locking the kids

Bettsi said...

I guess you've seen Hillary's Stitchettes? So cute! and over at Scrap Happy, they've got lots of lovely things. Some for free!
BTW, still have Annabelle's hat- will try to get it out tomorrow. Sorry, Isabelle!