Wednesday, January 10

Crafting at a feverish pace

It seems yet another round of sickness has come to visit. Isabelle came down with it Tuesday and she has shared with me. I'm still in the early stages so I'm on a mission to wrap up a few projects before I lose my momentum.

The Annie is nearing completion. I've made up a couple bows for her hair but they're still in my workbasket. I haven't quite decided if she needs one or two.

I still need to embroider and sew her collar (it's drawn out on that bit of muslin in the front of the picture). She is also waiting on her chef's hat. I need to whip up some cinnamon dough and make her a basket of cookies. And her clothing is way too pristine. Some walnut ink is called for, I think.

I painted a frame for the kitten embroidery I did the other day. I need to assemble it all still. I've finally decided what I'm going to do with the blank wall in my hallway. I'm going to fill it with bits of stitchery and such in funky, fun frames.

Now that I'm seeing them together, I think that this red frame will be put aside for something else. It's just *too* red, dontcha think? I'm thinking perhaps yellow would be better for the kitten. Yellow with white daisies, maybe...

I've been trying to come up with a plan for this wall for the longest time. The hallway leads from the main areas of the house to the bedrooms...with a stop at the bathroom on the way. The in-progress embroidery in the first picture is intended for this wall as well. Except it keeps whispering to me that it would like to be a tea cozy. I haven't decided whether I'll listen to it or not. ;-)

Oh! Today was another good mail day! Six new (to me, at least) crafty books and a JoAnn ad. It doesn't get much better than that!

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Bettsi said...

I wish you all wellness! No more sickness! Personally, I love the kittens in the red frame. I have a hallway like that too. One of my favorite ways to use the walls is for framed family photos. This is why: they get studied in that position! I don't know why- I guess it's because people can get up close to them. Also, when someone is in your hallway, they are not in the act of "visiting" so it allows them to be free to look at the photos. The downside is that they get knocked askew a lot! I think I'll try a few of those little ledge shelves to perch the frames on. I always love your embroideries!