Sunday, January 14

I've been framed, I tell ya!

Thank you, all, for your opinions on which frame to use for the kitten embroidery. The opinions were pretty much split down the middle so there wasn't a clear winner. The dilemma is, however, solved. I was looking through embroidery patterns to find my next few projects. In doing so, I came upon something that seemed perfect for the red polka dot frame. So the kitten is in the yellow frame.

Due to the ice storm that came through here we were without power all day yesterday. It got pretty chilly inside the house so we filled our day with shopping. Since JoAnn's (fabric store) was having a sale on embroidery floss (6 skeins for 96cents) I stopped by. I got a good load of floss (no such things as too much floss!) and also found this 8"x10" frame for $1.66. So I bought 4. I'm sure I'll sand and paint a couple for variety's sake. But that was too good a deal to pass up! It won't be long before I have enough to start hanging things up on my hallway wall!!


Renee said...

Oh! I love the sweet birds! Are you using transfers for the embroideries, or making up your own images? I really want to try some transfers from patternbee, but I can't choose! LOL.

Becka said...

I am going tocome to your house and steal that little bird embroidery. I am just warning you. You might want to check into an alarm system.