Sunday, January 28

The past few days have flown by! Last Wednesday was Mason's 6th birthday. He is very specific about what he needs in a birthday cake. This year he came up with a vanilla cake with blueberries mixed into the batter (they sunk to the bottom but were a surprisingly nice addition). He requested cream cheese icing and blueberries around the edges of the cake. And the cake must say, "Mason 6". Which it does. The candles in teepee formation was a last minute idea that Mason came up with. It made for an impressive flame, let me tell ya.

He was also in charge of the dinner menu. He chose fettuccini with a white sauce and shrimp. And cheesy garlic bread.

After dinner Mason opened his presents and got Daddy to help him build a K'nex ferris wheel. I am so glad I went with K'nex instead of Legos as the K'nex set came with a motor. Motors are right up Mason's alley!

I've spent the past few days obsessively working on that sampler. I just had to finish it. The spacing was a bit tricky. Some of it is made up and some of the motifs are from a booklet on borders. And instead of planning the whole thing out beforehand I figured it out bit by bit. Probably not the smartest way to do things but it worked out in the end.


Tara said...

Happy Birthday Mason!

Love the sampler!

Sarah and Jack said...

Happy Birthday Mason! I love that he knows how he wants things. The sampler turned out great.

Lisa said...

That sampler is just beautiful. The blue flame really sets the colors off. Happy Birthday Mason-6!!

Chrisi said...

Belated Happy Birthday!

How wonderful that he is so inventive. I wouldn't have thought to put blueberries in a cake, but why not? Sounds good to me. :o)

The sampler is just beautiful. You are very brave not to draw that out first. Wonderful Job!