Wednesday, January 10

Isn't it ironic?!

I have been on the prowl for a thimble I can actually use for the longest time. My preferred needles are fairly thin so I often end up with the eye of the needle stabbing into my middle finger. In my opinion, being stabbed by the blunt end of the needle hurts much more than being stabbed by the sharp end. I try to wear that clunky metal thimble but it's just so cumbersome.

Well, I finally found a thimble that I ~*LOVE*~. And, go figure!, it's called the Nimble Thimble I should have know it was made for me! ;-)


June said...

I've been brutalizing my fingers with my needles, too. I appreciate the thimble idea and am happy to see that Jo-Ann's carries it. I'll add it to my shopping list since I'm going to the sale on Friday.

Bettsi said...

LOL! That is too perfect! I wear a leather thimble too, but it looks more like a finger puppet. I love them and can't handsew without one.

P.S. I finally got your envelope out today!

Renee said...

I saw those somewhere and thought that's where your name must've come from! I too, hate the metal thimbles. Let us know how it works :o)