Sunday, January 14

A cozy pot of tea

Only a small bit of crafting to show for today. Most of today was spent tidying up, cooking (pancakes for breakfast and soup for dinner), and napping (ahhh....bliss!).

I did squeeze in a bit of knitted while my husband and I watched "The Celestine Prophecy". That is when this tea cozy (or "cosy" for you people on the other side of the world) was born. I have a warmer than holds a tealight candle for keeping my tea warm but it's not often I have my nightstand cleared off enough to feel safe with even a small flame.

This will get plenty of use as I tend to bring a pot of tea with me when my husband and I watch tv in the evening. Truth be told, he watches tv. I listen to tv and do crafty things. Speaking of... I think I'll be heading back in there. I just hooped up a new bit of embroidery (cutie little squirrels). I think I'll get started on it. :-)


Renee said...

Mmm... tea. I think I need to go brew some. Whatcha been drinking? I've been brewing lots of Twinings English Breakfast tea, but I'm always on the lookout for good stuff ;o)
Did you have a pattern for the coz(s)y or just wing it? I was thinking you had once blogged about where to get the kind of teapot you have, but I can't find the post now. Am I losing my mind?

I want to see the squirrel!

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh man! I want, want, want these birds. Don't take them to Goodwill, or they will be mine! LOL (P.S. I did not find the sheets on West Clay, I never find anything there, maybe because you have already been there?)

littlejennywren said...

What a lovely fat little tea pot. It looks so cosy with its jumper on.

Dannielle said...

Renee, I'm still stuck on this concoction I make using 5 tsp rooibos and 3 tsp licorice root (in my 36 oz teapot). This could all change adagio order will be here tomorrow ;-)

I knitted the cozy using 3 strands of thinner, sportweight yarn and size 13 needles. I casted on 20 stitches and did a K1, P1 rib until it was as tall as the sides of the pot.

Then I decreased by K2tog, P2tog til the end of the row. Then I went back to the K1, P1 until it was long enough (made it to the knob of the lid).

I made the 2nd side the same way. And then I stitched the sides leaving holes for the handle and spout. I ran some thin elastic through the bottom (not really necessary though) and around the bottom of the lid's knob.

I was selling tea sets on my NP site for a while but stopped. They have the same ones at and a similar pot at

Dannielle said...

Sarah, the bird embroidery pattern is one of the free offerings at (click library, then designs, then animals)

Simmy said...

Hi Danielle, hope you don't mind but I've tagged you for a meme. It's on my blog.......