Wednesday, January 24

I decided to cross stitch a sampler to add a bit of variety to my wall of stitching. I'm sort of having a "what was I thinking?!" moment. Embroidery is way faster than cross stitch!

And I made a wee mistake. I guess that's what happens when you make it up as you go rather than having a fully formed plan from the beginning. I'm using designs from booklets on borders so the placement and spacing is a bit of work. The mistake is that the letter A is further from the border than the letter P. I was one stitch off. I can't decide if I need to put a little something in front of the A or if the fact that the numbers start closer to the border (which makes the 1 and the z perfectly evenly spaced) makes up for it.

All this thinking is making my brain hurt. And I woke up this morning with my 5th cold in about 6 week's time. If anyone should see my immune system would you kindly ask it to return home. It's greatly missed.

Back to the sampler... There will be a whole row of houses that will go all the way across. And then I want to stitch a Bible verse below the houses...something related to house/home. I haven't decided on the rest yet. I did see some cute sheep in the border book. There will likely be at least one sheep. :)

Today will be a busy, yet fun, day as we have a birthday child here!

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