Friday, April 13

I've apparently lost all track of time!

Lots of pictures so they're all little. Just click on them for a larger version.

I had no idea it had been so long since I've posted. This past week has blown by-an absolute flurry of friends, crafting, American Idol watching, spring cleaning, and sick children. The sick children part has only been since yesterday so we're in the thick of it now. So far I'm not sick. We'll see how long that lasts.

I finished up the order I had been working on and it's on its way to its new home.

As for the spring cleaning... I started with the children's rooms because as Simmy would say (gotta love those Brit's and their adorable expressions!) they were "a tip".

Their rooms are now spic-and-span and squeaky clean. Mason's bedroom closet went through the biggest transformation. After a whole day spent cleaning/decluttering/organizing his room I had to take a picture of that closet. Silly, I know. But it had to be done.

And since I mentioned American Idol, I hope y'all are voting for Blake!!

Mere moments ago I finished sewing this skirt for me. It *was* a bed sheet...Ralph Lauren, too, so super-duper soft. I bought the sheet from an online-mama-friend. She's probably kicking herself for selling it now ::snicker::gloat::snicker::.

There's a wee little skirt I'm making for a friend's daughter. I'm going to try to use the same sheet-fabric for the non-embroidered panels. The skirt will have eight panels...four floral and four embroidered. This sweet lil' girlie LOVES the itsy-bitsy spider. So I drew four drawings-one for each line of the nursery rhyme-to be embroidered around the skirt. I plan to start this project tommorrow.

Then I have a couple baby gifts to put together. ASAP. One baby is due today!

Have you been over to visit Little Jenny Wren? Well you should. Jenny is just the sweetest ever! I complimented a little quilt in the backround of one of her pictures and she offered to send me the pattern! Yet another project I can't wait to start!!

I just received the fabrics I ordered for it from the Fat Quarter Shop. Aren't they pretty!!

I just noticed... Between those fabrics and the sheet-skirt, I seem to have a certain look on the brain these days. hmmm...


Sarah and Jack said...

And now I see why you wanted me to turn my ticking sheet into a skirt. (Except that I never wear a skirt, lol.)

Anonymous said...

I love your gryphon and dragon, did you make up your own pattern?


Dannielle said...

Thank you! Yes, they're my own patterns.

Sarah said...

I believe we were the lucky recipients of the Gryphon!! (or one just like it) My good friend Tara purchased one from you for our son who is named Gryphon! We LOVE IT!!! gorgeous work!

Chrisi said...

LOVE the skirt! Great idea using a bed sheet........I think I need to go to the thrift store and look at the bed sheets. :o)