Friday, April 6

I made these little girlies for an order. If you hadn't noticed, I've been on my own, personal crafting tangent for a while now. And I've sorely neglected my business. Well, the good news is that once I got going, it felt good. Inspiration and motivation have returned. It's entirely possible that once I've finished up the items for this order, I may just continue and make a few things for Natural Playthings. It feels so good to be excited about it again.

On another note, Miss Priss (although she most definitely prefers just plain "Priscilla") now has shoes and socks. Luckily the cream shoes fit perfectly as the brown boots were cancelled from my order due to a lack of stock. Her socks are also a perfect fit and a perfect match.

I intend for her to eventually live in my bedroom. But she became friends with the quilty-eared rabbit, who told her all about Easter, and she doesn't want to miss out on any of the festivities. So, for now, she's perched atop the hutch where she has an excellent view of things (including the fresh flowers which are no longer all that fresh). The girl is positively giddy over the fact that egg dyeing will be taking place very soon!


Rhea Richmond said...

The bendy dolls are beautiful Dannielle! I especially like the one with the crown. : )

salina said...

I love the cute little things you make. Little Miss Priss is just adorable. Have a great day! :)

Andrea said...

Those are adorable!!! Oh my goodness, TOO CUTE.

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Dannielle, your bendi's are precious and so sweet