Friday, April 20

My little sewing spot

Or, more accurately, my living room sewing spot. I have another sewing spot in my bedroom but I don't use it all that often. I like this machine more and our only tv is in my bedroom (tv viewers tend to become irritated by sewing noise). This spot is not usually this organized. But I have to clean every once in a while.

The sewing chair is on loan from the kitchen table. The poor table never has all of its chairs. Right now one is at the sewing machine and another is under my bum, in the kitchen, at the computer. It's ok though. The dining table is covered in my cutting mat, a bolt of muslin, and a small pile of fabric. If all the chairs were at the table, people might think it was an acceptable place for eating. And then my fabric would be in danger. Hmmmm....sounds like some more cleaning might be on the agenda.

Yesterday I began work on a quilt. One that I plan to finish in record time. It's my gift for little baby Oak. I'm going to visit today (soon!) and I hoped to have it finished. But last night, at 1am, I realized I didn't have anything with which to bind the quilt. So I gave myself permission to sleep.

On another note, have you ever seen someone's crafty work and been completely awestruck? Oh my goodness! I was perusing Flickr and came across this This amazing teensy-tiny knitting blows my mind! And even though I'm only have basic knitting skills, it makes me want to try some mini knitting. Can't you just see bendy dolls in teensy knitwear?!


kristin said...

oh my!! the tiniest knit things in the whole world!! thanks for the link :)

i love your little sewing corner...we sometimes have to carve our spaces into little wonderful to have all the light from the window!!

Lisa said...

Oh, that really inspires me to carve out a space in my (long/narrow) living room to use for sewing. Need to find a cheap table!!

littlejennywren said...

I have made a bendy doll dressed in a little knitted dress and cap and she is the cutest thing ever.

Tracy said...

Hello! I found my way here via Vicki's Turkey Feathers. What a charming, sweet creations you make-fit for a princess! Love your sewing nook. Happy Days! :o)