Saturday, April 28

Ya know that embroidery tutorial I've been promising?

It's here. And it's linked in my sidebar with all the other free patterns and tutorials.

It's a whole (small) project from start to finish. And it includes step-by-step instructions for beginners as well as details on why I make some of my wacky reccomendations for those that would wonder what the heck I'm thinking. :-) You'll see what I mean, I'm a bit of a rule breaker.

If you've ever wished you knew how to embroidery, TRY! It's really easy, I promise. The project I chose used three of the most basic stitches. With just those three you can embroider most things.

Embroidery is such a fun and (even better!) inexpensive hobby. Seriously, you can get started for around $12. And you can make more than one project with that $12 investment.

So go on, get brave! And have fun!


Bettsi said...

What fun! Thanks Dannielle! I can vouch for embroidery's ease. It is a very fun and relaxing pastime.

Tiarnna said...

TY for the tutorial! You make it look so easy. But the best part is the dots. I think using those will def. make the stitches so much nicer!

Sabine said...

I am going to try this tutorial, I never dared to embroider, seems so difficult;
Thank you!

Holly said...

Wow! This tutorial has helped me alot. Thank you so much.