Tuesday, April 17

Am I too old for this look?

Are nursery rhymes too juvenile for 36 year olds? Because I'm loving this skirt. Miss Zella is lucky it's not my size. And luckily, nursery rhymes are very "in" for 2 year olds.

(click the picture to make it bigger...it's better bigger, I promise.)

If you're seeing a strange blueness beneath the embroidery, it's just water soluble marker. I haven't erased it yet. And I'm waiting until the embroidery is finished to add the elastic to the waist. But it's definitely coming along.

The spring cleaning is also coming along. Yesterday was the hideous day. You know. The one where you do something insane like empty the entire contents of your closet onto the bed. About 3 hours into it I was really questioning myself. But it was far too late at that point. I had to push ever onward to at least find the bed.

Right now the closet is pristine. Completely organized. My bed is no longer cluttered with all. that. stuff. But there are still some stray piles on the floor that need attention. I stared at them all morning hoping that by some miracle they'd disappear. Or at least someone else would see them and take pity on me. Neither has happened and I've come to terms with the reality that it's all on me. Blah.


Sarah and Jack said...

That skirt is cute. Too bad I am hating embroidery lately because Jack is totally into the itsy bitsy spider at the moment.

Melissa R. Garrett said...

I just love looking at your projects ~ I can't wait to see the finished product :-)

Eileen said...

omg dannielle i love it! thanks so much for the patterns you sent me... i tried to do them on my crocheted bib but i got so frustrated that i ripped it out and started over three times. just ended up giving up... i guess i dont have the patience for embroidery! i wish i did - your stuff inspires me! xoxoo

Chrisi said...

That is so adorable. You are so creative!

Tiarnna said...

How about we trade "little" piles?? I'll take care of yours if you take care of mine. ;)