Friday, April 27


Miss Vicki at Turkey Feathers has tagged me to list my 5 favorite blogs. Like her, I definitely have more than 5! I love reading every blog I have listed over there in my sidebar (and a few that I haven't even gotten around to adding!).

If you've ever plodded through my lengthy list you've probably noticed I read a mix of of crafty/sewing/ect. blogs and Christian/homemaking blogs. Since the focus of my posts here is on my projects, I'll go that route with this list of favorites. My list will also lean toward some blogs I have become enamoured with recently. Some of my faves are blogs that everyone knows about. There isn't much benefit to me pointing out what everyone already knows, ya know?

Let's see...

1. Norththreads

2. The Misadventures of Mama and Jack

3. Folded Gingham

4. Little Jenny Wren

5. Bird Brain

I won't go into detail on why I love each of these ladies and their blogs. When you visit them you'll see that they each have the ability to see the beauty in every day things. They are also all wonderfully creative!

Now it's my turn to do the tagging!! Clarice, Autum, Kristin, Selena, and MiMi....consider yourselves tagged!!

I'm feeling all sly at the moment. Like I just got to sneak in 5 more favorites with the tagging. :-)


littlejennywren said...

Thanks for the compliment.

Storybook Woods said...

Why thank you Dannielle and also some new blogs I have not seen. Fun, fun !!! Clarice