Tuesday, October 10

It will grow back

These pictures show what happens when a certain 5 year old boy decides his hair is too long. The first picture is Sunday evening. It is the "before". The second picture is Monday night. Obviously, it's the "after".

You would think he'd mention his dissatisfaction with the length of his hair to his former-hairdresser mother. But no. Sometimes one just has to take matters into his own hands. He came waltzing up to me after having hacked at his hair as if everything was as it should be.

Of course, I had to cut it. It ended up WAY shorter than I ever would have cut it because I was trying to make it look somewhat intentional. There were places that were pretty much cut down to the scalp.

When it was all finished I found myself having a hard time looking at him. He just doesn't look like the same child. So I decided he needed a hat. :) I asked him if he'd like a hat. He said he would. Then I asked him what color he'd like his hat to be. He said "rainbow". Luckily I just happened to have some nice, chunky yarn in "rainbow". So I pulled out some size 13 needles and got busy. I worked on it an hour last night. Tonight I had to wait a bit for my turn with the manicurist. Luckily, I just happened to have the hat-in-progress in my purse. Let me tell you, size 13 needles ROCK! I came home with a finished hat. He's sleeping in it.

He's also put in an order for a blue hat with a stripe. I hope he doesn't expect all of his hat orders to be filled so quickly. My blue yarn isn't chunky.


Becka said...

I think his new haircut is adorable. You will get used to it eventually. The hat is super cute too. I think I need one...or two...or three.

Anonymous said...

Only the picture of Mason in the hat showed up for me :(


Dannielle said...

I think I fixed the pictures. Hope they're working now.

tender arts said...

I think he looks adorable! I was a hair hacker too as a child! I still am, but now I am not a child and I've developed my skills! I had that same haircut that he has when I was three! And none of my dolls survived my scissors either! He'll probably grow up to work in handcrafts so he can use scissors everyday! Thanks for the smile!

littlejennywren said...

Two of my children gave themselves alarming haircuts when they were 5, it must be a 5 year old thing. He looks cute anyway and the best thing about hair is that it grows back and he can try again.

Apron Thrift Girl said...

I can totally relate about this whole story except in my case Keiran was the victim and Cerys held the scissors and did the crime. She cut his hair much shorter and he had to nearly have a buzz cut. My sweet boy with longish hair totally looked different. I think your son looks really nice with his hair cut, especially with the hat.