Saturday, October 7

I finished this gryphon today. I love making these even though it is definitely the most intricate animal pattern I've created. I cut out a second gryphon when cutting out this one. I think I'll rest a few days before stitching it up, though.

Actually, I know I will because I have a couple projects with deadlines staring down at me. We're attending a birthday party for a friend's daughter tomorrow. I know what I'm making her. I'll be starting it in as soon as I'm done here. And I have some ATC's to make for a very first ATC's. :-/ I'm a bit scared.


Becka said...

That is really very cool. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the pink kitty princess girl. Rumor has it that you will be having wedding cake at that birthday party tomorrow.

littlejennywren said...

He is wonderful, you are so clever. Excellent work