Sunday, October 8

Happy Birthday, Miss Winnie!

We just got home from a birthday party for Winnie. She is friends with my children and is also the child of one of my friends.

I finished her present mere minutes before we needed to leave so I didn't get to snap a picture. So I brought the camera along. Here's Winnie's mom, Gwen, attempting to model the apron we gave Winnie. But her big head wouldn't fit :-D Poor big-headed Gwen. (click the picture to make her head even bigger LOL!)

The apron is reversible and criss-crosses in the back. The other side is yellow and has a couple small flowers embroidered on it. So a simple side and a dreamy princess side. My son, Mason, gave me specific instructions for the picture I drew and embroidered on the princess side. He even told me which colors had to go where and everything. I did veto his sun AND moon idea though (yes, both. together.)...the stars seem sufficient.

Winnie is wearing the little hair clip I put together at the last minute from a fabric yo-yo and some buttons. It was the bow on the package.

My kids had a blast and didn't want to come home.

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Becka said...

The apron looks absolutely lovely. Even if Gwen's head is messing it up.