Monday, October 23

More WIPs

I've got so many different things going on at the same time. It's nice to finally see some things are nearing completion.

I only have a few more horses to stitch and stuff before I add their finishing touches.

The autumn table runner is coming along. I made a mistake when I was sewing things together and I didn't realize it until I was almost done. I had all the embroidered writing facing the same direction. This would be fine for a wall hanging but just didn't sit right with me for a table runner.

I know. It's me and my weird way of seeing things again. Back when the writing was all going the same direction the colors were arranged better. The two identical dark squares on the same side is bothering me (it was not like that before) but I think I can balance it out when I add a border around it all. I'm trying to not obsess over the little things (because a part of me wants to rip all the seams and do it right) and keep in mind that it is just a table runner. It will get food spilled on it. It is not the Mona Lisa. Getting it finished and in use while it is still autumn means more than perfection. Right?

And this would be how I learned that lesson. You see this penny rug? I obsessed over the colors being arranged *just right*. The project itself was huge. All. that. stitching. And when it was done I was so pleased. I moved it around every few weeks and enjoyed how it looked in each new place.

Once I put it in the center of the table we sit at for all of our meals. It got food splatted on it. So I washed it carefully. By hand. And the red bled.

So I moved it to an end table in the living room. It would be safe there. That is where it got candle was splatted on it.

I've always believed that it's a waste to have nice things that are always kept up, unused, because they are nice. And since anything nice around here happens on a budget, those things almost always involve more effort than expense. And so I'm slowly learning to accept that life will happen. Things will get stained, ripped, faded, and worn. I'm learning to see that this is what adds character and history. Slowly, I'm learning.

Tuesday morning update: Don't believe a word of that. I pulled out the seam ripper and rearranged the last 4 squares on the right. :)


Becka said...

Your table runner is looking fantastic. the reason your things always look so nice is because you are a perfectionist. I can get things done very quickly, but they never look as nice as I wanted them to- because I can't be bothered with perfect.
I love your penny rug and was glad to hear it was decorative for a table, I couldn't imagine stepping on something so pretty.

Tara said...

Rofl at your update. That does not surprise me one bit. Sometimes that little extra effort is worth the time for us to enjoy it that little bit more. Otherwise you would look at it everyday and be annoyed that you left it the way it was.

Simmy said...

I love that rug with the circles so much. It's lovely.