Thursday, October 12

My very first ATCs

Be gentle. This was definitely outside my comfort zone. I'm just not so much a paper and glue girl.

When I signed up for this ATC swap (bird theme) I had it in my mind that I'd somehow incorporate the world to which I'm accustomed (felt and embroidery floss). (ATCs explained)

But I hadn't properly visualized the size they'd be. Once I actually cut out a piece of cardstock to 2.5" x 3.5" I knew the ideas in my head wouldn't work. For some reason I was assuming they would be about the size of a smaller index card. But I know they are 3" x 5" so I was apparently not thinking clearly.

So instead of trying to rework the same idea (which usually turns out disappointing, in my experience), I started over with a new medium. I hope the recipients aren't horribly disappointed with my attempts at paper collage.

Glue sticks are NOT my friend.


Becka said...

What does ATC mean? I love them! Are they cards? I especially love the birds on the clothes line and the blue bird. I wish I had half your craft talent. Do you like bean soup? I have a killer bean soup mix that I could work out for a trade:) LOL, see, I am crafty...just a different defintion of crafty. I just keep imaging that the birds on a clotheline would look beautiful framed in my laundry room.

Unknown said...

Hello dear Danielle! You might not know Mimi Kirchner. She is an amazing doll artist. Her new love is ATC's. Here's a link to her completed projects:

If you check out the rest of her blog, she gives some great tips she's learned along the way. I think yours are very cute. Especially for being out of your comfort zone!

Apron Thrift Girl said...

I would love to get your cards. I'm in the swap so there is a small chance I might get that awesome chicken card. I have only just started making them. Actually I've only made 7. One for Jackiet and 6 for this swap. It is a very small size but once I sit there looking at the cards for awhile, small ideas start to pop in my head. I find I need more supplies though. Did you find that? Or at least more items to choose from to use on the cards.

Anonymous said...

these turned out beautifully Dannielle!! watch out!! you may get hooked :) yours have an Eric Carle feel to them that i really love

Anonymous said...

glad to see you're trying atc's dannielle! let me know if i can help in any way. oh, and lose the glue stick and use golden's gel medium.