Saturday, October 21

Mama got a new toy

This is something for which I've been on the lookout for quite some time...a simple little china cabinet that's properly scaled for our home. Not only did it have to be quaintly sized, but it also needed to be made of wood (not laminate or veneers) so I could have my way with it. And it needed to be cheap.

Last night I was poking around Goodwill, doing my thrifting thing, and I happened upon this little cabinet. It's wood. It's not humongous. And it was $50.

I've decided I'll live with it as is for a little bit until I decide what color it needs to be. Right now my head is swimming with possibilities. It has a few dings and flaws but that will just save me work when I get to distressing and primming it up.

So what do you think? Black? Cream? A deep barn red? That medium colonial blue? And crackled or just plain distressed?

Ah the possibilities...


Tara said...

Awesome find! I'm a natural wood person but I'm thinking maybe cream for you, but it is close to your kitchen which has white cabinets so I'm not sure that would look right either. How about that bright safety orange color?

Becka said...

Well, I say nix the cackle. It is way overdone. If it were mine, I would paint it cream and then butter yellow, distressing it so that the cream shows through. But I am a sucker for yellow. Remember when your house had all those nice bright cheery colors? I liked that...maybe something like a light cheery blue to bring back some of that feeling. Or pink. But not colonial blue. Or brick red.

Hmmm, I am not opinionated about this or anything.

If you get tired of can always give it to me:).
It is a wonderful find and I bet you will fall in love with it and know exactly what color to paint it.

littlejennywren said...

Great find. It was obviously put there just for you. I have no idea how you should paint it, I would just live with it for a while and let it settle in.

Carrie said...


I vote for barn red :)

LisaC said...

How weird! I have been on the same hunt for like 2 years and my mil told me she was throwing hers out. Huh? What? no way!! So I am going to take hers (when dh has time to go pick it up) It fits the little space I have perfectly. I actually like yours better but free is free you know?

Apron Thrift Girl said...

I'd say either sand it down to the natural color and oil it or paint it red. I see that your walls look creamy and your kitchen cabinets look the same. It might be nice to add color with painting it red. What a great find.

smilnsigh said...

You posted; "...properly scaled for our home. Not only did it have to be quaintly sized,..."

Oh my! Quaintly sized! Oh joy!

I've read references to the size of your home, in a couple of your entries. It must be small-ish and I so love a small-ish home. Wish I could see more of it.