Thursday, October 19

Sharing a WIP

I have many works in progress at the moment. The things I'm working on that are related to my Natural Playthings business aren't very interesting to look at. They're all, basically, more of the same.

So I thought I'd share what will be a new runner for our table (as always, you can click the picture for a larger version). I recently participated in an autumn quilt square swap on the sewing forum at Amitymama. I received 60 squares of awesome fall fabrics. To mix things up even more I'm working on some little embroideries to add to it. I just wrote little sayings and drew some fallish stuff with a water soluble marker. Most of the stitching is done in backstitch.

Isabelle has been sitting and stitching with me. She's working on earning the embroidery charm for her bracelet that goes with the Keepers at Home Handbook she's been working through.


littlejennywren said...

Thanks for the link to Keepers At Home Handbook. My daughter would love this as she is eager to learn everything to do with being a homemaker and a mum.

Becka said...

The table runner looks like it will be beautuful. I am such a copy cat...I think I will have to try one for myself...

Dannielle said...

Do it!! :)

I'll share my autumn fabric squares with you, too. I signed up for 2 swap spots (30 squares each) because I originally planned to make a lap quilt. But then I decided a table runner had more chance of being completed while it's still fall. So I have plenty of squares to spare. (LOL...reminds me of a certain Seinfeld episode!)

Renee said...

Gosh, Dannielle, I think I want that Keepers At Home book for *me*! LOL. I might just have to order it.
The quilt is going to be lovely, and I have to say that nothing I've ever seen you make for your biz has ever been boring.