Sunday, February 25

Another peaceful Sunday

I love a rainy Sunday. So relaxing. My husband was working today so today was a girl day. Which means I sat on my bed watching movies that made me cry while working on these dolls.

I watched Cora Unashamed which made me cry four times. A wonderful, touching movie. And I watched Door to Door which was pretty good. Only one small cry though.

I think the smaller doll will have black hair. And I have big plans for both their clothing. The little doll was made using the large doll pattern from Edith Flack Ackley's Dolls to Make for Fun and Profit. I borrowed her face and hair techniques for the larger doll.

Edited to add this link to some of Bettsi's (TenderArts) EFA dolls. They're precious! And they were my introduction to, and what made me fall in love with, this style of doll.

This site is also fun.

There's a bit of crochet going on here too. I started work on what will eventually be a blanket of granny squares. I was going to mix up the colors in each square, but then I got lazy smart and decided to make each square just one color. All pastels.

I'm also working away on my end of the Redwork Swap as well as a birthday present for a cute little boy who is turning, I think, four. You'll have to just wait for pictures of these since they're surprises. :-)


Lisa said...

Those dolls are just beautiful. Love the granny square blanket idea. I am just relearning crochet and having a heck of a time with making the edges neat. I love the look though!

littlejennywren said...

Dannielle, the dolls are just beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing them dressed.