Thursday, February 1

I've finished all the sachet hearts. They smell so nice. I can't wait until they're done being holiday decorations and can go to my closet and drawers.

The heart with the cherub is my favorite, I think. The small heart with the bird is a close second.

And, of course, I had to pull out the walnut ink and give them that old, distressed look.

For now they're in the top bowl of the iron stand thingie that holds my potpourri. And I'm so glad my friend, Melissa, suggested I back my winter table runner with red checked fabric because the red side makes the perfect Valentine's Day table runner. All together I think it makes a nice centerpiece.

Oh, isn't this the cutest? Mason really likes the way they are scented. But he knows that they're pretty girlie. So he asked me if I could make him some lavender sachets for his clothes. But in robot shapes instead of hearts. That kid just cracks me up!


Anonymous said...

Oh those are just so pretty. Very Valentine's Day!

amanda71 said...

ooh those are super cute

~Daisy~ said...

This is adorable! Thanks for the link to the site w/free patterns......I printed out a few to try out. I keep thinking I should make my blog like yours, but I am so not motivated lately. ha ha!