Thursday, March 1

I had a great mail day today! I received this book and, let me tell ya, it's wonderful! I've been on a bit of a quest for the perfect cross stitch pattern reference and I think this might just be it. So if you like putting together your own designs but need a little help with the individual motifs, like I do, you may need this book.

Are you wearing your thinking cap? A friend has asked me to see if any of you wonderfully creative bloggers might have an idea for her. She has a bunch of old, extra bath towels that she'd like to repurpose, perhaps as a rug. Do you have any ideas how she can make this work? (thanks!)

My redwork swap project is FINISHED! I can't wait to show it to you all. But you (and me!) will have to be patient until it's received.


Sarah and Jack said...

She could make them into mats, a la Soulemama, if she can sew.

Here is a link to Amanda's:

Meagan said...

The readymade book has a hooked rug using old towels as a bath mat- I got the book at my library but it's also here:

sherrieg said...

There is a pattern for a braided terry cloth rug here:,1801,HGTV_3131_2593712,00.html
I also have a friend who made some beautiful rugs for Christmas gifts using a Martha Stewart pattern from her April 2003 issue (I couldn't find the instructions on her site when I looked quickly.) Good luck!

Bettsi said...

The braided rug idea is very nice. So is the hooked rug idea. I made lots of bibs for my monkeys from old towels. Nice big ones with pockets to catch the dribbles and wides shoulders to wipe little faces.