Saturday, February 10

Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater!

Yes, it's a cheater quilt (I got this fabric in a trade so I have no idea where it can be purchased. The selvage says "Faye Burgos for Marcus Brothers") The "patchwork" part is printed, not pieced. Since I'm trying to teach myself how to quilt from books I'm taking baby steps. Machine quilting that is. Hand quilting I grasp. It moves slowly enough for my lil' brain.

I stitched in the ditch (or rather, where ditches would have been had the top of the quilt actually been pieced together) to make it look more "real". And it does look more real.

The big, scary part was the binding. I totally failed at my last attempt at mitered corners. Not only did I want to succeed at that, but I also wanted to do the continuous strip of binding so the beginning and end of the binding are stitched together before attaching them to the quilt. My goal was to learn to manage the binding so I went easy on the quilt part.

It's not big. Just 30.5" square. But it's a nice size to use as a table topper. It's going to live on top of my nightstand since I'm going for the shabby-chic look in there.

I bought a new sewing machine a couple weeks ago and I've been having a lot of fun playing with it's assortment of stitches. I love blanket stitching and had to fit it in somewhere so I used it to finish the binding.

In all, I'm pleased. Most especially with the perfectly mitered corners! YAY!


Sarah and Jack said...

Interesting cheater, did you buy it around here somewhere or off the net?

Lisa said...

That quilt came out very nice. I used some cheater fabric to make a baby quilt for a friend. My son had just stopped napping when her baby came along and I needed something FAST! It came out really pretty. I cut around 4 of the "squares" with a 1/4" seam allowance and then alternated them with a coordindinating solid. Does that even make sense LOL? Machine quilting is something I completely struggle with. I always no matter what I do end up with a few puckers on the back which never happens when I hand quilt... I don't know what my issue is. Congrats on the new machine, I want a machine with blanket stitching but my machine works so well I hate to upgrade (I really love my machine!!) The binding looks great. Whenever I do a binding, I end up with good and bad mitered corners... on the same quilt LOL. Can't wait to see more of your quilts, I have quilts on the brain lately too after taking a bit of vacation from them (felt like I couldn't do them as much once my son stopped napping) but now that he is 4 is is much more independent. He actually picked out a pattern for me to make for him, I think there are a bazillion squares to cut out (couldn't talk him into an easier one!) I am writing a book but my husband is home today and I was going to sneak off (ALONE) to a quilt shop and they are CLOSED!! Blech, I am cranky about that!

Eileen said...

Dannielle it's beautiful! Do you have any recommendations on binding? I can quilt and piece no problem but have no clue yet how to bind and I was hoping to find a book before I have to go take the class at my local shop. Good job!

Lisa said...

Eileen, I took a class on binding, that's how I learned to do it. Most quilt magazines have a section on how to put a binding on too. HTH!

Dannielle said...

I do know where there is a wonderful tutorial on binding (it helped me!)

In my list of blogs I read check out "Hello my name is Heather". She has a marvelous tutorial for binding. :)