Sunday, December 30

Giveaway reminder!!

Just a little reminder about the big giveaway! If you're not in the know (or have forgotten) take a peek at this post!

I'm going to extend the deadline because I know of at least one person who has something in the works. And, well, I hadn't expected to be as busy as I was during the holiday season. And I still need to make the prize. So you've still got time to play!!

Let's extend it until Jan 10th. Plenty of time for all of us. :-)


Tiarnna said...

okay, a protest......I clicked on the flikr link yesterday to see the group photos and only saw the a-line skirt one. Then I decided to whip up a dishcloth after the fact. I uploaded today, only to see a few more photos that weren't there before.....and now, clicking on the group link, only the a-line skirt is there! What gives? Where'd I put my picture? LOL

btw......after all that work, I'm expected to wash dishes with that piece of art?? No way!!! LOL

Tiarnna said...

Well, after much clicking it shows up. How odd. Do you see it too?

Devin said...

I can see it..nice dishcloth! It took me awhile to figure out how to get photos up there.


Tiarnna said...

LOL, thanks!! I was just so surprised when I did get it uploaded to see a slew of other pics that weren't there *just* before that. And then they were gone later on, and reappeared. Ah well. At least I found them! LOL

And I can't bring myself to actually wash dishes with that normal?? ;)