Thursday, December 6

It's supposed to snow today. Maybe sleet mixed with now. We're hoping for all snow. I love how bright the light that comes in through the windows is so bright when there's a layer of snow on the ground. We can't count on a good snow every year here in St. Louis. We're often right on that dividing line between snow and rain, which usually results in sleet and ice. And while we do see our share of flurries, it's a big deal if we get enough snow to fully cover the grass. This little snow will almost certainly leave blades of grass still peeking through. But the kids will still have their faces pressed up to the windows, nonetheless.

I had a basket of oranges here that were rejected as snacks due to their sour taste. Hey, they were on sale! I had been planning to slice them and dry them but have taken my time getting around to it. Simmy's productivity has me inspired and I'm happy to say they're in the oven.

I finished this dollhouse family (adults are 4.5", children are 2.5") for an order. And I was going to say that I had just finished listing some bendy dolls in the shop but they've been swooped up as I've been typing this post. I do have a few more to finish up that I'll be listing sometime today so there will be more.


Sarah and Jack said...

Oh I am hoping for the 2 inches! Jack is excited to see it snow this year, so I need it to get here already. It is graying up over here as we speak.

Gwen said...

See now, the fate of the snowfall is in my hands. If my FIL comes through and brings me some brake fluid then certainly it will NOT sleet and ice. If he doesn't and my brakes are iffy, well then, count on ice.

That being said, I'm hoping for anything wintry to hit AFTER we get home around 6. Rush hour in the city is bad enough without freezing water.