Wednesday, December 19

A new doll

I finished a doll today. Out of all the bazillion doll patterns I've made I didn't have one that was the proper size so I made a new one. I'm *loving* this pattern! The size (11.5" tall) and proportions just look so cute to me. Expect to see more made from this pattern in the future.

I'm *still* sick. Bleck! But I think today was the worst of it. I'm feeling better now than I did this afternoon. I'm giving myself tonight to finish wallowing in it.

Tomorrow I've got some Christmas decorating to do! Time to tranform the living room from a makeshift sewing studio into a Christmas wonderland!

And then, one of these days, I need to do some Christmas shopping! I am SO behind!!


Sarah and Jack said...

Hey, how do you make the button joints on the arms? I tried to do it on the nisse man, but maybe I wasn't pulling tight enough or something? It just looked wierd.

Anonymous said...

So cute Dannielle! I can't believe how quickly you can make things! All those Bendy dolls from the last post would have taken me months! I got the 2 winter elf bendy dolls I ordered from your etsy shop. They are so cute, I love them!! Hope you feel better soon.

Amy in CA

Gwen said...


Nice work mama. And, um, Christmas is like, Tuesday, lol. You'd better get busy! Well, busy shopping or crafting for your own people at least.