Tuesday, December 11

Shop Talk

Even. More. Bendies. Added. Here.

I know I said I'm feeling twitchy to move beyond bendies. But people keep asking for more. And I can't say no. :-) So it's likely I'll keep making them until people stop buying them or it gets too late to mail them in time for Christmas. Whichever comes first.

I promise to better prepare for next Christmas. Had I known the whole China/recall toy thing was going to happen I would have started preparing Dec. 26th last year. I may just do that this year in preparation for next Christmas.

That is, actually, the plan. Seriously. :-)


Bettsi McComb said...

Princess, I am making bendy dolls! They are so fun! Actually, my youngest, Max, made the first one. We used your tutorial. We call him an Action Figure! LOL! I'm working on my first one- I'd like her to become a Comfort Doll. These in your post are absolutely adorable! You are the Bendy Master!

Thimbleanna said...

Those little bendies are just adorable. If I had a little girl to buy for, I'd be lined up to get them! ;-)

beingmolded said...

Will you have any more added before Christmas? Yes I am a late planner ;)

Allison said...

Those bendies are so cute! You have been busy.