Monday, December 17

Coming up for air

I've been wonderfully busy the past week. I wish I could keep my business going like this all year long!

Pictured is the order I got out today. I started working on it Thursday night. I got sick Friday. I am amazed at how slow-pokey I am when trying to create while sick.

All worked out great in the end though. I finished today (when I said I would ship) and even managed to get the package out to the mailbox before the mail carrier came by. That is *huge*! I saw on the news this morning that today is the busiest shipping day at the post office and the mere thought of having to stand in an insanely long line certainly got my sick self moving!

I've been asked if I'll have more items stocked in time for Christmas. No, I don't think so. I have one more order to complete (not a holiday order though). And then I really need to devote some time to my family's Christmas.

I'm severely behind on that front. My husband has picked up a lot of my slack around here lately. He's done dishes and laundry. But *holiday merriment* is totally my job and I need to get to it! I haven't bought one present yet. We don't have a Christmas tree yet. And there are a few things I'd like to make for my children.

I do, however, have a plan to make a certain number of bendy dolls every week this year. I should have a grand stockpile by next Christmas. They've always been popular. But this is the first year I really felt like I just wasn't keeping up with the demand. So I am taking steps to be better prepared next year.


Allison said...

You have been busy,those bendies are so cute.

I keep saying I'm going to make some and never do but I'm going to make some after the holidays.

Dawn said...

your little bendy people are soo adorable! Your tutorial and dollies inspired me to give them a try. YOu can see my first attempts here...


Thank you!

Patty said...

You are so talented ! What precious dolls. I would want to play with them all, you know try them out : )