Wednesday, September 5

Playing with dolls

A few days ago I came across a box filled with little 4.5" blank doll bodies. It was a sad sight and I decided it was time these little people get a chance to be. They had been in that box a while. More than a year. I stuck them in there after my failed attempt.

It seems all they needed to attain cuteness was a neck and some wrists. I have some fun ideas for these girlies!

And, as you can see, there are a few more left to finish. I have the perfect plan for them!

Still, the next time I get the urge to make some itty-bitty dolls I won't be taking any "shortcuts". I'll just make the bodies myself. It would be much less work.

These bodies were too pale. So I dyed them. They're stuffing holes were closed up with glue. Non-waterproof glue, apparently. So I had to stitch 5 holes on each (each limb and one on the body). I know I could make some wee little bodies much more efficiently, and glue-less-ly, than that!

I can't wait to get them all finished!!


SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Dannielle your little dollies are just adorable and YES the prim is perfect!Of course you know me I always lean on the side of prim folk art..Until I see your creations and then you blow me away and I would give any think to create your beauty!!!!Any ways my friend I adore your basket of love!!Hugs Sherrie

Thimbleanna said...

Very cute little dollies! Can't wait to see what you do with them. I made a bunch of teeny little knothead babies about 20 years ago and they hang on a little Christmas tree every year.

Jack's Mom said...

Omigosh - I almost peed myself reading that "my failed attempt" link. You crack me up!

I love the new dollies. I love love love the brown knotty hair ones and I want to know when I can order a slew of them for my crew! :)

Angela said...

Cuties. I am a huge raggedy fan myself.

Journeying said...

I loved the naked sunbathers....and can't wait to see how you doll up these girls. Er....if they ARE girls....remembering whosit who got the tattoo recently....anyway - whatever you do will be great! It always is.