Wednesday, September 26

Another little quilt and Hitty says "Hi!"

I've finally exhausted my supply of this fabric line so go ahead and sigh in relief. :-)

This little quilt is 23"x23" and is made up of 2" squares.

And now that that's done, I've decided to join Vicki in her quest to Finish What You Have

I've been doing some autumn deep cleaning and rearranging. I've overtaken another hall closet and filled it with sewing stuff (when, oh when, will my sewing room be completed?!?) and I've put away my sewing machine. No more permanent sewing nook in the living room. It just got messy too fast and stayed messy too easily.

While cleaning and putting all that stuff away in its new home I collected all the unfinished projects and corralled them all into my biggest basket. The plan is to devote my efforts to that basket. In it we have:

3 half-finished quilts (at the quilting stage) ONE FINISHED

fabrics set aside for a quilt for Mason (robots and space fabrics!)

a blank EFA doll (body sewn and stuffed)

a collection of granny squares (might just make it a baby blanket and call it done)FINISHED

2 Hitty Club shipments (the dressform kit, dress with bonnet pattern, and her ladderback chair)

a knitted wrap

several tea cozies

3 mini quilts that need embroidery and/or quilting

a crocheted dishcloth FINISHED

and somewhere around here there's a half-finished Annie embroidery that will make it into the basket when I find her.

So that's what I'll be up to in the near future!


Junie Moon said...

What an adorable little quilt! I need to gather all my unfinished projects, too, so I can remember just what all it is I have stashed here and there. Your organization is inspiring me.

sMC said...

ahah so you are human. But they are not ufo's call then CIP's (creations in progress) :))

Lisa said...

I am so with you, I am in the same process of finishing what I have and I just finished two more things this week.

Winona said...

Another beautiful little quilt.

Nan said...

What a lovely quilt! I am also attempting the 'finish what you have' quest. So far, I'm doing okay. I am shocked to learn I don't have as many projects as you do! I feel much better now, Dannielle! LOL!!