Friday, August 31

Hitty and Yo-yos

I know. I know. You think I fell off the face of the earth again, right?

I haven't. Still here. I just had to get some new batteries for my camera. Posts about sewing and craft projects are wholly unsatisfying without pictures. So I just waited until I had batteries.

First up: Hitty (finished!) and her yo-yo quilt.


This is the practice dress. I wanted to sew her clothing by hand and I wasn't feeling fully confident about sewing on this scale (Hitty is 6.5" tall). Now I'm feeling brave enough to cut into the fabric she came with.


Her clothing is all removable so I'm sure she'll end up with a sizable wardrobe before it's all said and done.

Here's the back view. I need to scoot the button over on her belt so there isn't a gap. Oops! It appears her slip is showing!


I'm still learning how to make needle-lace to trim her outfit. So there will be an update at some point.

Oh, and the kit for her ladderback chair has arrived. Can't wait!

yo-yo hair clips

My yo-yo obsession continues. These aren't up in my Etsy shop just yet (Etsy is being persnickety at the moment) but will be soon!


Journeying said...

Hitty's wonderful, and so are your yo-yo's!!!! Hitty has her own sweet little quilt (I'd been wondering what you were going to do with those yo-yo's you'd shown laid out in grandmother's flower garden pattern) and I love the ones you stacked with buttons on the top! Great color combos. I'm still just making them out of scraps and haven't decided on anything to use them for yet - figuring a stash of them isn't a bad thing.

Bettsi McComb said...

Every Hitty has her own name. Your's would be Hitty _________ Wilson? Mine is Hitty Joy Raikes. She is just darling, BTW! I am looking forward to watching her wardrobe grow!

Becka said...

Save some of the hair yoyos for Esker. She would love some, or several. Actually her mama would love a few.

I adore Hitty. I was worried I would have to make up a compliment for her, but she is beyond words in beauty. Just gorgeous. I love that her slip is showing. It makes her

Meg said...

Your blog is beautiful. I laughed when you say "her slip is showing," because my grandmother always used to tell me,"it's snowing south of the border." !!!
Meg, Dolly Dilettante

Val said...

Those are completely adorable! Great work on the doll! But I really love the button flowers... so cute!


Thimbleanna said...

Very cute. The flower yoyos turned out neat too. I just ordered the flower yoyo maker. I have no clue what I'll do with it, but it seemed like a good idea. Other people must think to too -- it's on backorder.

Knot Garden said...

Gorgeous Hitty, and I always love yoyos:) Great job.

Jenny said...

Dannielle, she is beautiful. I love her dress and I love that you are giving her so much time and attention to make her just right.I'm looking forward to seeing her next outfit and the chair.

Lorraine said...

Your doll came out gorgeous Danielle! I can't wait to see her wardrobe grow and grow. I imagine she'll have quite a special dress for the holidays!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job!!! Hitty is just wonderful.

Oceana said...

She came out so beautiful. Now I should talk you into making one for me! Wonderful work. Now the clothes!

Daughter of the King said...

love love love your blog and found it through Gracious Hospitality...oh and I too am a LOVER of yo-yo's..
I will be back.

Martha said...

Practice dress?! It is beautiful! Nice work. :o)