Saturday, September 15

Goodness! A whole week?!

Will you forgive me if I tell you it's because homeschooling is kicking my butt this year? I had forgotten how labor intensive first grade can be for the person teaching. And I've found keeping two children on task is quite the challenge.

It seems that by the time we've finished schoolwork and I've gotten a bit of housework done, it's already time to make dinner.

And then there isn't much time left for crafting. I have managed to complete two doll garlands this week.

This one was a custom order. It represents a friend's daughters.

And this one is mine, mine, all MINE!

I've finished piecing the top for my Four Seasons Quilt Swap quilt. I drew what I'm going to embroider on it today. Embroidering is this weekend's task. I'll have pictures soon. And a fall embroidery pattern to share, too!

Have a great weekend! (It's cool and fallish here...heaven!)


Becka said...

I know who those girls are! that is amazing. I keep coming to look at these dollies. THey are adorable and I love 'em.

Lisa said...

I just love those garlands! I am embroidering my Four Seasons Quilt swap quilt top as well. I absolutely love what I made and I soooo hope the recipient does as well!

Sharon said...

Thanksf or the embroidery design for fall. It's great! I've been stitching all day long. I love doing it. I can't wait to start her now.

Pearl Maple said...

Thanks for sharing the embroidery design and your garlands which are ever so seasonaly sweet.

katie said...

I think I know those little girls too. I love the one you made for yourself too.

Always amazing. :o)