Saturday, March 10

Got a surprise for you!

It all began with a surprise for me. I finally got a scanner! In celebration I've put together an Annie pattern to share with all my blog friends. Have fun sewing! And if you have any questions just ask away! I'd love to see pictures of everyone's masterpieces. :-)

Here's a backpack I made for a friend's son's birthday. I embroidered a little robot on the pocket.

And I embroidered the wee mice. I think they'll end up being a pillow.

Mostly I've been busy organizing my sewing and crafting supplies. My husband has been working on making a room for me in the basement. I'm getting so exciting now that it's really coming together. I can't wait to have space to spread out my projects. And storage space for all my stashes will be an absolute dream come true!

I hope you all are having a great weekend so far! The weather is beautiful favorite sort of weather. It's in the low 60's, sunny, with a mild breeze. Lovely!


Shelley said...

I ran across your blog this evening. What a delight! I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

I love the robot bag, very nice! the little mice are darling, I just love them, they will make an awesome pillow. I am so jealous about your craft room, I use my dusty laundry room as a craft room and it's the worst, especially when dh piles up his dirty laundry in there (how dare he!) I am trying to brainstorm a way to make even a corner of my house crafty/sewy friendly because spending 15 minutes setting everything up, and another 15 taking it all down again STINKS!!! I hope you will share some pics!

Done By Tuesday said...

Dannielle, it's a darling's going on to my "HAVE TO SEW" list ;) I'll link you when I finally make one! Of course, I'm DIGGING the robot bag, DIGGING it LOL :D