Thursday, March 29

Well, Miss Priss got her necklace. I loved Leah's suggestion of a dainty heart charm but I didn't have the makings of such a necklace on hand. And I can't be trusted to walk into a craft store to buy just one little thing. I'm woman enough to admit. So I worked with what I had. I think it came out nice. I used Austrian and Czech crystals, glass seed beads that match her dress, some rose quartz beads, and some tiny sterling silver beads. The poor girl is still waiting on her shoes and socks. Maybe in tomorrow's mail.

I've got a couple new projects in the works. I finished stuffing another EFA doll body last night. And I started work on an embroidered tea cozy. The tea cozy is a distraction to keep me from making clothing for the doll until an ebay package arrives. I was waiting on two packages, actually. But one arrived.

The package that arrived contained MILES of lace. I've got lace everywhere at the moment. I've got a big pile of washed and dried lace on the table. It needs to be put away neatly.

My kitchen sink is filled with suds and lace.

And then there's my deck. My poor deck. It looks like it's been vandalized with lace! I just hope it dries quickly. It's beginning to look like rain.


Leah S said...

At a first glance, I thought somebody attacked your deck with silly string! :)

LBP said...

Your doll is stunning! The dress and necklace is beautiful. You do great work.

Simmy said...

Wow you are amazing - that doll is so beautiful and the face and hair are perfect. Thanks for the link to the hair tut I'll bookmark it just incase.

Chrisi said...

It looks like your deck was Toilet Papered. :o)

Beautiful Doll.

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

I LOVE coming and reading your blog every day , and seeing all your BEAUTIFUL creations, Your EFA dolls are just the very best!They are next to perfect!I LOVE EFA dolls..All your lace looks like snow and is so prety
Hugs Sherrie