Friday, March 16

The Quilty-Eared Rabbit hopped into town

The Quilty-eared Rabbit is finished. The pattern can be found here in .jpg form.

If you'd prefer the pattern as a .pdf which opens in Adobe Acrobat just email me at PrincessNimbleThimble(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll get it right to you.

And, as before, I'd love to see pictures of your Quilty-eared rabbits!



Becka said...

What a cutie little wabbit. Wook at his wittle cutie wabbit ears, it makes me just want to...well...make him.

z said...

This is an very funny Bunny. I mean it is the type of Bun to make one happy just to look at him.

LBP said...

That is an adorable bunny! I am down loading the pattern, but I'm not sure my sewing skills will allow me to make one. But I am going to try! Thank You

norththreads said...

Adorableness everywhere!!!